About us

We are specialists in comprehensive reforms and in building pergolas of African reed

Our business has more than 20 years of experience

A group of qualified carpenters, builders, plumbers and electricians specialist in African reed, heather, wooden structures, wooden houses and all you can imagine related to wood forms Pérgolas Luxury.

Our main goals

  • Punctuality

  • Trust

  • Commitment

  • Quality

  • Respect for the environment

Our philosophy

PERGOLAS LUXURY means that our activities should aim at the excellence and a sustainable development, something that we can only succeed thanks to our most important asset, our human team. In PÉRGOLAS LUXURY there is a varied, motivated, innovative and engaged group which make us grow day by day and build our future.

We have the best team of professionals that give technical advice and in a personalized way to the different projects, with the aim of optimize the result. This allows us to make a thorough monitoring of every stage of the project, providing advanced solutions from start to end, always within the quality standards, the homologation of all the infrastructure and staff.

PERGOLAS LUXURY is committed to the quality of products and services offered, with the efficiency and punctuality and with the current legal compliance current regarding customer service and respect for the environment. Our main goal to meet our customers’ expectations and the respect for the environment, so we put effort and care to achieve this.

This policy reflects the ideals, the motivation, the objectives, the goals, the philosophy and the values of our company and that we transmit to our customers, providers, administration and to society in general. This constitutes the framework for our big strategic lines focused on quantifiable targets. Furthermore, the company is fully committed to the ethical production and sustainable environment and the continuous improvement of the environmental practices. That is why we include specific dispositions of commitment, respect and rational use of natural sources and conservation of the environment in general terms.

Personalized budget

We make the quotes with hours of dedication to obtain a budget of a quality-price with 3D images so you get to see how the work will finally develop, avoiding confusion and working with results accepted by the costumer.

Our speciality

In PÉRGOLAS LUXURY, we are specialists in comprehensive reforms and construction of African reed with a reed worker with more than 20 years of experience in this type of tropical pergolas. We are also importers of African reed and build wooden structures for parking lots, porches, wooden houses, beach huts, bungalows, kiosks etc…


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